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Divorce is a legal process in which a marriage between two persons is terminated.

1stDivorce.com will describe aspects persons can and should be aware of before they enter into a divorce. The owners of this website are not lawyers and are not soliciting for clients. 1stDivorce.com is a collection of experts’ opinions, general information and knowledge persons should read regarding divorce and the multitudes of options available to all parties involved.

Throughout the world the divorce rules vary greatly and in some countries a divorce is not allowed. For example in the Philippines and Malta divorce is not permitted but you may be able to receive an annulment.

In many situations a divorce involves more than the two persons married together. Child support, child custody, spousal support often enters into divorce proceedings and distribution of assets, real and person property and debt can be a major ingredient in a divorce.


Often two people desire to end a marriage with a no fault divorce. A no fault divorce is exactly as it sounds, a process where a court proceeding is not necessary to determine if one person is at fault for the marriage collapse.

In many jurisdictions, a divorce must be certified by a court of law. This is a legal action to dissolve the legal marriage. Terns of a divorce will then be determined by the court with consideration to prenuptial agreements or postnuptial agreements.

Overall a divorce can and often is a very expensive and stressful adventure. To help combat the massive demand for divorce worldwide, mediation and collaborative divorce assist in negotiating an acceptable resolution.

Divorce for some is an inevitable event. 1stDivorce.com hopes to give you valuable information that may keep you from ever having a divorce, however, if you find yourself going down the divorce path we hope this web site information will help you.

Divorce is a harsh time and seldom is it a happy event in life.  Unfortunately in the United States it is a 51% fact of every current marriage.  Click on the image below and learn information that might help you or keep you from having a divorce.

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